Traeth Linau LLanddwyn/Llanddwyn Shore Lines 1-6-13 homity pie picnic

Date of visit:  1st June 2013 4.30pm

Tides : High tide – 16.35 (4.2m)

      Low tide – 23.14 (1.7m)

Weather: Onshore winds, sun then cloud and then sun to set

Observations: Whole spider crab, cloud of yellow birdsfoot trefoil and kidney vetch across cliff, creamy roses budding and opening, germander speedwell, glimpse of ringed plover chick through binoculars, turnstones in breeding plumage, caterpillar is now chrysalis and red squirrel on the way home.


Dramatic evening light and changing weather, learned how to identify speedwell and different buttercups. Whilst avoiding the highest strandlines and their nesting birds, I found this desiccated ray with what looked like thorns on it’s back…. tho I wouldn’t like to say that it was definately a thornback ray even after trawling The Shark Trust’s excellent website. It was spotted on it’s back and it’s belly with thorns on button-like  bases called bucklers.

I would also like to thank FUW, Menter Iaith Mon and Graham Williams for the welly walk on the 29th, a brilliant family day.

The piece of jewellery created following this visit has been greatly influenced by the buckler thorns, I have combined these with a small section of lino found close by to the ray. The silver thorns form the brooch fitting on the reverse.


Thornback Brooch

IMG_7427 (2)

ACW_logo_CMYK_landscape                                              WG_Sponsored_land_col                                        Lottery_landscape_CMYK

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