Traeth Linau LLanddwyn/Llanddwyn Shore Lines 13-5-13 anglesey weather

Date of visit: 13th May 2013 9.30am

Tides :Low tide – 6.15 (1.05m)

                High tide – 12.06 (4.7m)

      Low tide – 18.47 (1.2m)

Weather: wild, onshore wind to stop you in your tracks, sun and cloud.

Observations: seaweed blowing along beach, cockleshells rolling in on the tide, sand powdercoating wet rocks, foam building and blowing, hard to hear birdsong above wind, Wexford milk bottle with milk in on Porth Twr Mawr, kidney vetch, silverweed and birdsfoot trefoil with bright yellow and black caterpillar, blackbacks hanging on the air.

IMG_6779There seems to be more tern’s fishwifing each time I visit, I could see, from the main beach, 30+ birds gathered on Porth y Cwch, thought they were waders but now wondering if they are terns. Unfortunately found another dead one today, it was ringed and tangled in fishing line, don’t know if this caused it to die or coincidently got caught up in it after.

Some amazing objects brought in – the head of a yard brush, cuttlefish(lots of casting to be done) and crab shells – edible and spider – also this beautiful set of spider crab claws with a porcelain white barnacle. Also painterly surface of orange marker buoy, it’s layers of green algae had been scuffed away.



I’ve created a brooch form a section of pipe and rope I found. There’s a pleasing contrast between the still braided rope on one side and the a-fray on the other. It epitomised todays visit, it looks like it’s still being blown sideways.


IMG_6888          IMG_6854 (2)





ACW_logo_CMYK_landscape                                              WG_Sponsored_land_col                                        Lottery_landscape_CMYK

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