Traeth Linau LLanddwyn/Llanddwyn Shore Lines 7-5-13 blue skies

Date of visit: 7th May 2013 10.20am

Tides : High tide – 08.26 (4.7m)

      Low tide – 15.18 (0.95m)

Weather: Beautiful day not a cloud in the sky and hot

Observations: Met by terns shouting for dinner, rocks peppered with sea pinks, blue squill now flowering, champagne cork, wheatears, large pellet of some sort consisting mainly of black feathers but also crabs legs, then seals – first bobbed up in Porth Twr Bach, then basking metallic on the rocks and a haze of bluebells.

IMG_6602 (2)




An amazing day with every shade of blue, green and turquoise seas, but of black shells. On Porth Twr Mawr: a very elegant long helical shell and three black oyster shells joined back to back forming a triangular vessel. As well as glittering black mother of pearl.

There’s still a good variety of seaweed and sponges arriving, as well as those left high and dry on previous weeks higher tides.



I found a small section of perspex, maybe once a velcro-attached mirror and have combined this with the base of a drinks can – I’m really enjoying the contrast of the mass manufactured form and the eroded surface and structure of the aluminium. I’ve trapped a limpet shell between the two.

I made a second piece, following this visit: I also found a crabbing line, I started to try and untangle it but was so impressed by the ball of loops, I used it as a rosette brooch with pendant ‘handle’.


Rockpool Pendant                                                                                                      Crab’s Revenge Brooch

IMG_6633 (2)





ACW_logo_CMYK_landscape                                              WG_Sponsored_land_col                                        Lottery_landscape_CMYK

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