Traeth Linau LLanddwyn/Llanddwyn Shore Lines 30-4-13

Date of visit: 30th April 2013 10.43am

Tides : Low tide – 08.06 (0.8m)

      High tide – 13.36 (4.8m)

Weather: Hot in the sun cold in the breeze, little fluffy clouds thinking about becoming bigger darker ones

Observations: swallows skimming the sea, violets, crickets or bird call (?grasshopper warbler, don’t know if this is likely?), wheatears, pipits, sea pinks, lone plover no turnstones, pair of canada geese paddling in Pilot’s Cove, celandine, wild pansy and bluebells, red-tailed bumblebee, terns chasing the tide back in and the egg ribbon of a necklace shell.




Todays tide marks were mainly of light objects, a mixture of small shards of plastic and sponges. I also found a fabulously stinky sponge, with an undulating lobular surface, I’ve since got lost in the rich world of sponge identification, such a variety of form and colour. I am none the wiser but smell seems to be a useful tool in identifying live sponges.

Porth Twr Mawr was streaked blue with mussel shells and the landward side of the island with cockle shells.


As I was leaving, I found an oyster shell bored with a pattern that reminded me of bee cells and I based my spontaneous piece of jewellery on this, using a lapis lazuli blue piece of plastic and a flower from a broken hairslide.


‘Bored’ brooch

IMG_6484                         IMG_6466



ACW_logo_CMYK_landscape                      Lottery_landscape_CMYK                        WG_Sponsored_land_col

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