Traeth Linau LLanddwyn/Llanddwyn Shore Lines 25-4-13

Date of visit: 25th April 2013 17.15

Tides :   High tide – 09.43 (5.35m)

Low tide – 16.55 (0.39m)

Weather: Beautiful evening after drizzly day

Observations: Dived bombed by swallows, red roses tangled in seaweed – Porth y Clochlyd, dead frog, sea gooseberries, gurgling worm burrows and maybe a cuckoo on the dead pines on my way home, the colours looked right but silent.

sand waves




It was a visit of textures, big and small, probably emphasised by the late sun. I arrived at low tide and it’s already becoming obvious that what the low tide reveals is as rewarding as what the high tide leaves.

The beaches, even though they were well footprinted, had been wiped clean by the high tides. The clusters of whelk eggs (which inspired the maquette in the main image above) had more or less gone, just a few pushed high up the beaches.


The piece of jewellery made to mark this visit, has been made from some fishing tackle I found at the water’s edge, revealed by the low tide. I’ve combined it with an aluminium drinks can which has been textured maybe by a boring sponge.

I’ve utilised part of the fishing rig as the clasp and added a steel cable neckwire.

jewellery 25-4-13

ACW_logo_CMYK_landscape                                                           WG_Sponsored_land_col                                                 Lottery_landscape_CMYK

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