Tonnau/Waves - Trwyn Ffynon y Sais

Traeth Linau LLanddwyn/Llanddwyn Shore Lines

Date of visit: 15th April 2013 12.10

Tides : Low tide – 07.35 (1.1m)

       High tide – 13.10 (4.6m)

Weather: Grey then bright and blowing a hooley

Observations: terns diving for fish in the boiling sea, seagulls crabbing in Porth Twr Mawr, plover and turnstones feeding, a swallow or a martin- too fast, pipits parachuting and a bobbing wheatear, dead dogfish in the strand line.

An amazing day to start my project Traeth Linau Llanddwyn. The wind had blown the tide in a bit early, so I paddled through the shallow water on to the island. Which meant I had the island almost to myself, I saw many more birds as a consequence.

sea urchin

The high tides and winds had cast up lots and lots of shells but the most obvious were the balls of whelk eggs like tumbleweed along the tide line.

In amongst all this was a tiny sea urchin.

Fantastic texture and form.

As part of my working process I will be creating a quick wearable piece to ‘map’ each visit to the island, either created in situ or immediately on return to the workshop.

I found a wonderfully sea-bashed section of aluminium and have combined it with other items found. The bone echos the holes worn into the metal, the central section is representing crabs legs – literally and figuratively and the final section is treasure – a section of shell and plastic fragment.

Triptych – brooches

Triptych 15-4-13

ACW_logo_CMYK_landscape                      Lottery_landscape_CMYK                        WG_Sponsored_land_col

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