The Jewellery Workshop

At The Jewellery Workshop, we provide a relaxed informal atmosphere in which to introduce the techniques and skills for making jewellery from a variety of metals – silver, copper and aluminium. The workshops are run on a ‘drop-in’ basis, allowing people to work at their own individual pace.

The main space is a canvas-roofed, open sided hexagonal tent which houses a traditional jeweller’s bench, a seated area and floor space for hammering etc. In addition to this is our 16ft yurt, which enables us to silver solder in a wind-free environment and provides the space and quiet for one to one teaching and any problem solving that arises.

Through the recycled silver ring workshops we aim to give the skills, to enable anyone and everyone, to make their own very individual silver ring. Some rings are just plain shiny, others are highly textured or patterned, some have been made as wedding rings and a few have been given on bended knee at the end of the workshop.

You begin by choosing a finger and selecting the shape of recycled silver wire you want, then you saw and file your silver. This can be left plain or wire-textured or hammered or forged or twisted, the possibilities are endless. This straight section of silver is then softened using heat so that it is malleable enough to form into a shape to silver-solder. Finally you hammer your ring into shape and given its desired finish. The workshop introduces a basic range of traditional jewellery and silversmithing skills in a fun and informal way.

So far this year the applications are in for festivals and events and we look forward to announcing soon, where we’ll be this summer.

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